Ring In 2020 Lunar New Year With These Gifts

Red lanterns, angpao, mandarin oranges, and bustling cities with fireworks. They are exciting and beautiful but there is nothing like spending quality time with your family during Lunar New Year. If you have been away from your home all year long, you know you had a hard time separating from your family. 

Lunar New Year is the only time of the year you get to see your loved ones and to be together. This festival emphasises the importance of family ties and connections. Feasting is one of the ways to reconnect and your parents usually prepare traditional delicacies to welcome you home. The fact is they never told you they started making preparations a week before the reunion dinner, they never told you they woke up at 5 am just to get you the freshest fish, meat, and vegetables for your homecoming, they never told you their ankles are in pain and couldn’t walk far yet still carry bags of your favourite foods. They made everything seems effortless but the last thing they want you to know is they had a hard time preparing all because they love you. 

What’s more important than the togetherness and the thankfulness for the people who are always there with you? It is never too late to express your love to your parents or loved ones. Here are some ways to show your affections towards your family and let them know you love them.

Give Them A Tight Hug

Yes, it sounds simple but it is not easy. Unlike western cultures, Chinese culture tends to avoid contacts when it comes to social settings even between the family members. That is why hugs are not practised as often at home. Do you even remember when was the last time you hug your parents? Surprise your parents with a hug after saying “Xin Nian Kuai Le, Gong Xi Fa Cai”, it would be the most precious gift they will ever receive, although they might still be expecting angpao from you.

Tell Them “I Love You”

Again, when was the last time you said “I Love You” to your parents? You don’t do it anymore because you feel ashamed of saying it out loud and people may judge you. Maybe it is time to let them know saying “I Love You” does not equal to foolishness and you shouldn’t be guilty of saying it! 

Bring Them For A Short Getaway

If you have done both of them, a short getaway might be another option to show your affection and gratitude to your loved ones. Can you imagine them with sore knees, tight shoulders, strained neck? Maybe it is time for your parents to get away from the house chores. Treatments and massages may be the best way to appreciate their hard work for all the new year preparations. Well, you could do it “manually” or you can pamper them in a spa centre (which I think is much easier) with relaxing environment and serivces. 

Pssst… this year Tranquility Spa is offering a special promotion for these limited treaments in conjunction with the celebration of Lunar New Year. Grab them now for your parents so you and your loved ones could enjoy the most out of it with this special rate! *Don’t say I “bojio” ok!

60mins Aromatherapy Body Massage at RM 99nett

(Originally RM 215nett)

Merging the professional manipulation of muscles and lymph nodes with the remedial aroma scents of essential oils brings you into a divine state of mind and body. The mood-boosting essential oils derived from plant extracts enhance the effect of massage therapy and brings balance to your body system. This aromatic sensorial body massage will restore your energy and leave you feeling  rejuvenated. 

60mins Body Scrub at RM 88nett

(Originally RM 205nett)

Honestly, who really bothers about body’s skin since they are less problematic as compared to face’s skin. If you would like to keep your skin looking healthy and keep your ingrown hair at bay, a body scrub is a must-have in your weekly routine! The combination of exfoliation, cleansing and massage provides numerable benefits that go beyond what a shower gel can do. Get yourself a skin detox and leave with silky smooth skin!

30mins Express Rejuvenate Facial at RM 99nett

(Originally RM 110nett)

What’s a better way to start your holiday with the facial that revitalises your skin? This treatment reinforces your skin’s moisture level, helps in removing toxins and feels extremely relaxing. Pamper yourself and get ready for this Lunar New Year with this treatment for an instant boost of radiance. Expect the very best in this 30 minutes express treatment and walk out glowing!

Tranquility Spa Operating hours: 

10 am – 10 pm (daily)


+60 3-8949 8888 Ext: 1996/1998 (Putrajaya Marriott Hotel)

+603 8943 2233 EXT: 8220 (Palm Garden Hotel IOI City Resort)

An appointment is required, subject to the last reservation by 8 pm.

What are you still waiting for? You don’t get this all year long, so pick up your phone and book in now before it is too late! 

For more information, please check out TranquilitySpa.com.my

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