5 ways to control your weight

There are many ways to reduce weight, but there are no shortcuts. How many regimens have you heard to reduce weight and how many have you tried? Maybe they work, but once you stop it might bounce back to your original weight real quick or even worse.  So what are the realistic approaches to reduce your weight?

1. Reduce energy intake

If you’re currently overweight or obese, you must know how much of energy you’re taking each day. A caloric deficit of 500-700kcal on your total daily energy will reduce 0.5-1kg per week. This could reduce your weight by about 5-10% (eg, if you’re 60kg, you could reduce 3-6kg) of your original body weight in 6 months. However, this may be individualized, some may reduce more, and some may need to take more time. If you heard any regimen that says you can reduce 5-10% of body weight in 1 month, then it is not a healthy weight loss.

Remember, what you gain from years of eating will not get lost overnight. If you take 3 years of extra energy intake to be overweight, then you’ll need about the same amount of time to reduce and return to your original weight or maybe lesser time depends on your determination and self-control.

2. Small portion

We all know taking a small portion plays an important part in reducing weight, but when we see there are many food choices and delicacies, we can’t control to have only a small portion. Well, as our prime minister Tun M said “Berhenti sebelum kenyang” meaning stop before feeling full. The whole point is to feel satisfied and not stuffed. Tun M. also said, “ When you taste something nice, you should stop.” Maintaining a good eating habit is all you need, don’t let your stomach make the decision when your mind can control.

3. Eat slowly

Apart from that, you might also need to eat slowly. Chew the food thoroughly before swallowing it. This helps to speed up and ease the digestion on the stomach. That’s how you enjoy the food!

4. Low energy density

Often when we buy products we do not really care about energy density. We should always check the nutrition labels at the back of the packages before we buy anything. It is best to compare the products using energy per 100g to know the energy density of each food product. Now you’ll see the differences and know which product or food to choose.

5. Nutrition adequacy

Cutting off your portion size and calories doesn’t mean cutting off the amount of nutrient you take. Choose food loaded with vitamins and minerals over food that contains only calories. Fruits and vegetable contain an abundance of vitamins, minerals, and fibers that promote satiety. Refined carbohydrates such as white bread, potato chips provide mostly calories and a minimal amount of nutrients that benefit your health.

Another important element is to remind yourself to drink water throughout the day. This is very important if you want to lose or maintain weight, 2-3L of water is recommended throughout the day. You might not know you can actually “EAT” water as well. Foods like cucumber, watermelon, strawberries have high water content, thus replenishing your body with the amount of water you need. They can also increase fullness and reduce unwanted energy intakes.


Yes.. Yess.. I know you’ve heard of these common ways to reduce weight, yet how many of you can really achieve it? Common knowledge is not a common practice. It is not easy to implement these into your daily life, but once you make it into a habit, nothing is impossible.


Header image by i yunmai

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