What is BMR?

Have you ever wondered what factors can affect your metabolism? There are actually few factors to look into. By the end of this video you’ll get a tip on how to burn more energy just by doing nothing!

BMR is an abbreviation of Basal Metabolic Rate (Basic, that’s why its called basal). It means the rate of the minimum amount of energy needed to burn while you’re at rest or doing nothing to sustain life and keep your vital organs functioning such as breathing or keep your heart breathing, etc.

There are more factors that are affecting your BMR, such as your body mass, age, gender,  body temperature, energy restriction, and endocrine system. The thing is we couldn’t really change our age, gender, body temperature and some diseases that affect our metabolism, something like Thyroid Diseases.

So the ultimate goal is to increase muscle mass by doing some strength training, make yourself lean, and let the body work for itself.


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