5 Stunning places in Bali, Indonesia.

I’ve always wondered how does Bali look like. Most of my family and friends have been there and they’ve been bragging their time in Bali. “Oooh Bali, haven’t you been there? It’s a nice place” I envied soooo much and always thought of traveling there someday and finally I’ve made it happen this year!

Yes, it is nice and chill in Bali. Balinese are very polite and friendly. Most of the locals do not speak English but if you are Malaysian, you should be fine surviving there I suppose? *chuckles* Bahasa Indonesia are similar to Bahasa Malaysia, but you’ll find the difference, somehow. But don’t worry if you don’t speak Bahasa Indonesia or Malay, tourist spots are always filled with lovely people who speak English! (If that’s the language you are speaking)

Orrrr… you can get a tour guide from tripadvisor.com or get a short tour package in local to guide you throughout the trip. In our case, we’ve got one and a half day tour from tripadvisor.com and I still remember our tour guide was Wayne Rush (the guy in the green T-shirt in the video).

I’ve been to few more places but here are some places in Bali that I think they are stunning and Instagram worthy.

          1. Tanah Lot Temple
          2. Ulun Danu Beratan Temple
          3. Jatiluwih Rice Terraces
          4. Bali Swing in Tegallalang
          5. Potato Head Beach Club Bali

First three places are the tourist spots where everyone will visit at least once so you can take some nice pictures and post on Instagram to show everyone that they are in Bali. Ohh, is that me I’m talking about?

1. Tanah Lot Temple


“Where’s the temple? “you might ask. Well, you actually have to walk offshore to get to the temple, a small cave. There will be few men guiding you there, holding tight of your hands to make sure you don’t get flushed away. Once you reach there you can pray in front of the holy spring water and wash your face with it (you will also need to donate some, so prepare cash with you). Depending on the sea tide, when it is low they will allow you to pass if the tide rises, then you’re the unlucky ones.


Luwak Coffee

While we were walking around, we saw this little cafe with a bat and animals that I’ve never seen before, Luwak. I’ve heard of coffee beans processed and collected from cats poop, but I thought they really do look like pet cats. Forgive me for being a frog in the well, they DON’T look like cats we know at all! Okay, at least cats don’t have long face. It looks like a rat to me, huge rat! So yeah, we were attracted to them and walked in to try the coffee. It tasted pretty good I would say, doesn’t taste like poop actually. *chuckles* Luwaks only pick the best coffee cherries to consume. The fermentation occurs in their intestine and the beans are collected again after being defecated (basically collecting poops).

2. Ulun Danu Beratan Temple


Locals build this temple for offering ceremony for Balinese water, lake, and river goddess, Dewi Danu to take care of their main source of irrigation in central Bali. There are also other small temples like this in other places too.

3. Jatiluwih Rice Terraces



The contrast of the green paddy and blue sky is perfecto.

4. The Bali Swing in Tegallalang, Ubud.


The Bali Swing is a MUST THING if you like a bit of adventurous (like me, just a bit). You might think it’s just an ordinary swing for adults, well… it was NOT that ordinary at all. First, it is a bit scary looking down the rice terraces and thinking that I might fall into the stream underneath, fortunately, I did not. *sweat*  Secondly, I was not tall enough to sit completely on the swing, so I had to skip a bit. I almost start the swing myself and I MIGHT hang myself throughout the swing but no worries, there are workers to hold the swing for you (while you skip), plus there is safety equipment. Give it a try, you won’t regret!


There’s also a cute “nest” right beside the swing. You know what to do when you see it, snap all you can and spam your photo gallery with this beautiful scenery!

5. Potato Head Beach Club Bali


The next MUST THING is Potato Head Beach Club in Seminyak. It’s a really chill place to enjoy your time. If you like music and chill at the same time, this is the place to go. Well, you don’t really “club” or dance there but if you want, nobody can stop you from doing it.. We went there twice, in the morning before we leave to the airport and the night before to celebrate “his” birthday. They have a pool and also access to the beach. We love the ambiance, the building, the foods, and drinks in Potato Head Beach Club.

Friendly reminder: Make a reservation before visiting, they are always fully booked!


Oh, there’s one more thing! Be prepared to get tanned while visiting the stunning places in Bali. Enjoy!

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