TOP 5 Favourite Boutique Gyms In KL

Wait! Did I just hear you saying “Working out is so boring!” ? I totally get it! Following through a fitness plan is just mentally exhausting. Waking up early and finding the right workout routine could be daunting, plus who the hell knows if I’m doing the exercises correctly?! If you’re facing the same problem, fret not, because I’ve found a way to keep you motivated with just the right guidance!

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Round Trip To Nami Island From Seoul During Winter

It was the second day after we touched down in the land of “Oppas”. Red nose cracked lips, and frozen fingers. Still not used to the cold weather especially at -13°C. We were freezing like an ice cube straight from the demonic fridge, embracing each other shivering and shrieked “Mucho Frío!” (very cold in Spanish) for like tenth thousand times.

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Non-Invasive Facial Surgery—Japanese Kogao Therapy

We can’t really change the fact that women’s face can get wider, looser and even covered with wrinkles as we age. While “Kogao” a.k.a small face was set as a golden standard for Asian women, some can take the risks going through plastic surgeries or minor aesthetic procedures to reduce the size of their jawlines, some would just accept the fact that they are merely growing old.

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It Was Once A Goal

” A cup of Java Chip Mocha, Grande please.” I swear that was the culprit for my weight gain over a semester. High school government examination sure was a stressful event when we were seventeen. Starbucks was the second library where I used to go for revision.

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Oil Bath—A Potent Deepavali Ritual To Purify Mind & Body You Need To Try

One of the symbolic traditions of Deepavali is a ritualistic oil bath before dawn to purify mind and body. This rejuvenating oil bath has a long-standing history in the ancient Indian art of healing, Ayurveda, and is believed to be beneficial to our general wellbeing in many ways.

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Shake Up Your Breakfast Routine With This Spinach & Basil Egg Muffin

We know eggs are packed with essential proteins and vitamins, making it a great addition to our everyday diet. But let’s be real, having hard-boiled or scrambled eggs every day can be such a bore. It’s time to shake this up this World Egg Day on 12 October!

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5 Stunning places in Bali, Indonesia.

I’ve always wondered how does Bali look like. Most of my family and friends have been there and they’ve been bragging their time in Bali. “Oooh Bali, haven’t you been there? It’s a nice place” Read More